What is your software worth?

According to the EU directives since 2017, the service life of technical products should be longer. A good wine from an older vintage can be enjoyed, an older software in the best case only tolerated.

The “state of the art” software development saves costs. Because the longer technically a software exists, the greater are the dangers to discontinue it, e.g. because of security gaps.

But every employee knows software products that are a pain in the neck but remain anchored in the company forever. The best thing would be to program such programs individually by oneself, but the professional knowledge of the functionality is missing. And exactly the know-how makes the second part of the value of a software.

Besides modern technology, workflow, functionality, and architecture are worth as much as the interest on the market. It is also true for products that need software modernization. There are certainly alternatives to discontinuing software products, especially if customers are “attached” to them.


Pro Drei GmbH will be happy to advise you on these issues and help you find the way to use software solutions that matters.